It’s not likely many of you would come across this glitch otherwise known as the “Javelin Glitch” basically turning players into a walking simultaneously combustable time bomb when killed. The glitch itself requires no ammo, and is destructive in about a hundred foot radius, so you can imagine how annoying it would be when playing against someone using this on ‘Rust’ would be.

According to the developer’s community manager, Robert Bowling, the team is aware of the glitch and they will fix it in the game’s first major update which is good to hear as glitches always ruin the game for most players. Now it’s not the biggest glitch in the world, but a glitch is a glitch, and will always have no place in gaming even though they exist. If you don’t know the glitch here’s a video showing it’s effects. Unfortunately the video acts as a tutorial at the same time, so I implore viewers not to actually use this glitch as it may come with very bad consequences. Source

Click here to view the embedded video.